The administration of medications will be an additional charge of $1-$10/day

We can administer pills, drops, creams and injections 

Please bring all meds in original container (no unidentifiable loose pills in baggies)


In the case of a medical emergency, pets will be taken to the nearest veterinarian for care. 

All medical fees will be added to the final bill at checkout.




$20.00 (Under 20 lbs)

$30.00 (21 lbs to 44 lbs)

$40.00 (45 lbs to 74 lbs)

$60.00 (Over 75 lbs)

Pet-icures (Dog/Cat) $10.00


Additional Services on a limited and case by case basis


One Cat $18/day/One Condo (+tax)

Two Cats $33/day/Two Condos (+tax)

Cats added to Dog boarding $15/night/cat (+tax)


There are 4 individual condos for cats available.

Multiple cats can share 2 condos during their stay (Divider can be removed)

Throughout the day the cats are rotated into the main room to wander and play


One Dog  $30/day/run   (+tax)  

Two Dogs (sharing)  $55/day/run (+tax)

Add $20/day for a 3rd Dog sharing a run (+tax)


Ask about our Free Test Stay


The following run sizes are available for dogs: 

2 Large Runs : 5'x6' inside and 5'x10' outside (1 XL breed or 2 LG breed sharing)

18 Regular Runs : 4'x6' inside and 4'x10' outside (1 LG breed or 2/3 MD breed sharing)

2 Small Runs : 3'x6' inside and 3'x10' outside (1-3 SM breed sharing)