We are a medium sized, family owned, dog and cat boarding facility established in 2004.

                                     Easily accessible from Interstate 81 (between Exit 15 & Exit 16)                                                     on Route 11 in the Town of LaFayette, NY

We have 22 dog and 4 cat areas in our separate dog & cat rooms.

The entire building has radiant floor heating

both indoors and in the outdoor dog runs.

There are 4 individual condos  available for cats.

Multiple cats can share 2 condos during their stay (Divider can be removed) Throughout the day the cats are rotated into the main room to wander and play

Dogs are kept inside overnight and during certain weather conditions.

Otherwise during the day the doorway separating the inside/outside is open

for them to move back and forth. 

There are 3 separate Dog Yard Zones where the dogs can run around

and have individual time outside.

Group play is on a limited basis: the dogs need to be from the same family

or already be familiar with one another.*

(*Waiver must be signed by all parties before group play is initiated)

The following run sizes are available for dogs: 

2 Large Runs : 5'x6' inside and 5'x10' outside

(1 XL breed or 2 LG breed sharing)

18 Regular Runs : 4'x6' inside and 4'x10' outside

(1 LG breed or 2/3 MD breed sharing)

2 Small Runs : 3'x6' inside and 3'x10' outside

(1-2 SM breed sharing)